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Mp3Pro - What is it ?








Mp3Pro is part of the next generation Mp3 technology,

They can be much smaller than the size of conventional Mp3's.

What Is Mp3Pro VBR,  It is a more advance version of Mp3Pro providing higher quality sound, than Mp3Pro.


I am in the process of converting streamed music for the links to play music

at a quality for broad band, to Mp3Pro VBR


Mp3Pro will still be used for the all links that are aimed at 56k and lower speed modems as I can create smaller files than, Mp3Pro VBR.


They can be listened to on a standard player,  but For best

Mp3Pro sound, download an Mp3Pro capable player


To hear this music at its best, to hear the true Mp3Pro sound, You need an MP3Pro compatible player Winamp player comes in both a free and a paid version and can be downloaded Click Here to to go to the download page. You also need the Winamp mp3Pro plugin,  Click Here to go to the download page, this plugin allows you to play mp3PRO files with full quality, also you need to set Winamp to be the default player for M3U files


The creators of Mp3Pro  provide the FREE Thomson Mp3Pro Player/Encoder. However the last version I checked could not be used on this site as It couild not work with the M3U files needed to stream music from this Website Click Here  to check out their site. They list products that support Mp3 pro.


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