Most sequencers work as bellow, you load music loops and single hits onto the tracks, the samples are seen as a waves in a rectangle, and are arranged in tracks, an upright line moves across indicating the point at which the audio is played.

The sequencer pictured below is FREE, but a cut down version of, Sony Acid,  Sony ACIDXpress 5.0, it allows you to in effect paint the sound where you want with a brush or pencil tool, now on version 7 Sony ACIDXpress 7.0 It’s Free !


 If the music loops are used as as part of a derivative musical work created by the licensed end user the derivative work is the copyright of the end user.

With free music loops you are a licensed user, but check any licence agreement for any unusual terms.

If you purchase the loops or they come with a programme always read the licence agreement, there are a few programmes that require you to acknowledge where you obtained your samples for creating your music on any Cds that you produce to sell.

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Make Music for Free

You could try out the gungirl sequencer Video

then tryout arranging music for yourself

On Computer Music Magazines, cover DVD, you will find The FREE CM Studio along with  many free music samples. Some samples on their DVDs are above 44100 16 bit CD quality, and won’t play on all sound cards.


Audiobase.com Download over 180 loops in both AppleLoop and WAV formats.

threechords.com A tool to create you drum loops at,

free-loops.com Free loops and audio clip downloads.

Freeloops UK Computer Music Tutorials plus, FREE Loops.

On Musicradar  there are pages called  Sample Radar with an astonishingly large number of music samples to download previously on magazine cover disks, weekly sample entries, are added every week, 43,318 free, sample downloads, growing every week.

There are more sites on the,  RESOURCES  FOR MAKING MUSIC PAGE


Sound cards support both the recording of audio, and the use of “midi”, midi an be used to trigger sounds, often synthesized, often triggering sounds recorded from real instruments, these sounds may be stored on a sound card, sound modules are also available, sounds can be triggered by a midi keyboard often connected in through a game port on a PC

Sounds on your hard drive can also be triggered by a midi keyboard through a sequencer that supports midi,  and such as VST Instruments.  Just about any instrument can be in a sense played on a keyboard and at any quality, you can even have the sound quality of the finest  pianos in the world, every note recorded for your midi keyboard to trigger.

Music Loop


A Music Loops is an audio file that, when played over and over, appears to be a continuous piece of music. A single loop might be a mixture of more than one instrument,  but more often a drum beat, keyboard part, a definite tune from say a piano, or a vocal sample containing several words, sometimes there can be enough vocal samples supplied to create you own song in the vocalists voice. There are programmes that can cut up the loop, and if the loop contains words then you can rearrange the words.

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